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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2023 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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lease, wondering how much, well they benefit from their own countries resource. because so far, for many young men, opportunity means boarding one of these fishing vessels to travel to europe illegally. the government hopes that the gas project will stop this and bring jobs here at home. i don't want us to profit from the gas because as soon as we start extracting i expect that electricity prices fuel, even food prices will drop and become affordable for us. the senegalese coast guard appears in the distance, not to protect fishermen, but the precious you resource destined for europe. po and i'm told stories that asia and the pacific amount ah wanted for war crimes, the international criminal court issues and arrest warrants for russian president
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vladimir putin for overseeing the unlawful deportation of children from ukraine. ah, you're watching all your life from headquarters in delphi. i'm telling you navigate also coming up, post on the police beat up supporters of the former prime minister, him on con, at his residence, and the horse as he had to islamic bad for a trial. comedy drew my card or was 3 weeks from the decision procession. or just to select or members of stage houses up to somebody and smart tech is getting smarter. we break down the new release of the most advanced artificial intelligence on the internet. ah,
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hello. the international criminal court has issued an arrest warrant for the russian president vladimir putin, along with russia. the commissioner for children's rights. putin is charged with overseeing the abduction of children from orphanages in ukraine. many have been adopted in russia. us president joe biden has called the decision justified the kremlin, those as a snow and void heels or diplomatic editor james bass, who has more from the united nations. vladimir putin, president of russia, superpower leader. and now a wanted man for the alleged war crabs of the port patient of children from ukraine occupied territories, entered the russia physician. the president of the international criminal court announcing that arrest warrants had been issued for 2 russian officials. one of them, mister putin, human rights activists were quick to welcome the news. this is an amazing day for the many victims of russia's war crimes against ukrainians since 2014,
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because this war has been going on. since then, almost a decade. vladimir putin is now officially a wanted man, but at the same time, the arrest warrant to president putin almost certainly complicates the possibility of any diplomacy to end the war. the un, in particular, is in a difficult position. will the secretary general still talk. ready or meet with president putin. i don't want to answer her. her pathetic goal. oh questions. because as you know, issues of travel involve involve others. oh we will continue. as of general rule, the secretary general will speak to whomever he needs to speak in order to deal or with issues or in front of him or in the security council. the russian ambassador made a blistering attack on the court moose. but the marionette got the i, c. c is a puppet in the hands of the collective west,
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which is always willing to carry out pseudo jurisdiction based on their orders. a 123 countries are signatures to the rome statute. the governs the i, c. c, they're now obliged to arrest the russian leader and sent him to the hague. slightly, president putin's travel will now be seriously curtailed. of course, an arrest or a trial isn't going to happen any time soon, but it's clear the international criminal court is sending a message, not just the president putin but to the officials and military officers who worked for him. but one day they could face consequences for their actions. james bayes al jazeera of the united nations. daniel hawkins as and journalist and moscow, he says that, and we'll try to show the i, c, c has no power in russia. this is, of course, going to be very difficult to enforce the i c. c has no police force of the law as a member to carry out and will re direct and ring suspects to trial for
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the have luxury of course, will view this as a, as a will, will be this personal and angered by this russian very much focus on case president of the icpc, which is founded very called previously prosecutions and bring us the trial most likely to be trying to investigate and prosecute us will cons. dana thornton, allegations with crimes are territories. russell, very much focus on this and highlight those case for evidence to show that the i c, c has no power, has no jurisdiction in russia. and this will really change very liberal in the common policy on ukraine, presented as the orphans, as people certainly have been abandoned to a taken from a war, them to safety, to get monetary system. we how the russian media is portraying that was also showed in the reaction of somebody who live over below the russian commission of human
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rights. and who was very scathing about these allegations saying that rush was helping the children. it's given the conditions, law and cat and taking them to safety or not program is going to continue. regardless of these, i see see allegations a great deal between russia and ukraine is set to expire. russia says it only wants to extend the agreement by 60 days instead of $120.00, laid out in the agreement brokered by the un. ukraine is one of the world's largest suppliers of sunflower oil, wheat, and grain. stephanie decker reports from the cave ski ukraine steeds the worlds the words of this farms owner. victor sharon etta gives us a tour on a cold march morning on the outskirts of keith corn, wheat, barley, and where ukraine holds po, position globally. sunflower ti. the grain deal between russia and ukraine
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brokerage loss july by the united nations, enter kia is set to expire on saturday. and there is a lot at stake, both at home and abroad, which i know and oh that a great deal gave us hope because our internal prices dropped almost 3 full during the winter. but afterwards, sign ward prices rose immune and of course not like before the war, but they increased. this gave us hope that we can work and sell our harvest in the future water. despite as deceivingly peaceful moment. this is a country at war. and what happens in these fields has global implications. ukraine is one of the world largest produces and sunflower oil, and also week, and grade one gets produced here, an export. it has a direct effect on food prices around the world. it's one of the main reasons why this deal was brokered, the global need to bring down soaring for the prices, the resulting because of the war. russia controls access in and out of the black
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sea, which ukraine needs to ship. it's produced to the rest of the world. the deal is said to be renewed every 4 months. russia now says it only wants to renew it for 2 citing sanctions affecting its own exports. but ukraine's deputy had of infrastructure who's been part of the team negotiating the grain deal, tells us such a short term deal does not offer stability. what is important to the farmers to see there for a ghost? ah, how they will export their products unit, next market and gear. i go sir, and in case of the farmers for see you and for masses offer me as j. it is also small period. we are asked our partners to make minimum one year farmers of also complained of russia delaying checks on vessels transporting, produce which costs more money had moved from his name or sure, yet, we know russia wanted to only extend for 2 months, but this is not as it should be also the vessels that go to ukraine are delayed by
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russia in the bathroom, and we end up paying for this because the vessels don't reach us on time horribly. currently, the western border with poland is working, but we cannot fully sell the grain that we have by road. so we need to see the journey out has begun. russia holds great leverage in just how far they will reach . such tiny seeds and grains with major geopolitical implications. stephanie decker al jazeera, yet kavitsky on the outskirts of keith. the former, pakistani prime minister has just arrived at a court in his long about to face corruption charges. meanwhile, police have entered his residence in the city before and they beat up his supporters. about $5000.00 extra police have been called to as long about the parts of the capital have been filled off. con has asked for his supporters to follow him, but they are unable to pass into the city. earlier this week, crowed the 1st supporters of police had a violent stand off while they were attempting to arrest him at home for evading
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court on separate charges. let's bring in, come a hi there, he'll give us an update from islam of that. so come on, just tell us where iran con is exactly right now, and where his supporters a crowd in front of make thousands of people have got to come in. ron con g make period and and that course is also about 200 meters from where we are. we've got to get close to it because the place hadn't been called on and off. shipping containers have been put in place. $5000.00 police have been brought in the right gas and up god damn grid, be to ensure that nobody gets close to that cause. now also important to note that the focus on electronic regulatory media, regulatory or tardy,
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has for the ban on coverage of m. ron con riley, i will say it's spread in 10. busy day will be no coverage on that. i'm sure. did it or not, and dissipation done discord and, and while and important to note that enron han gave out the message. he said that the line was to rest him. they wanted to write them by god. that will take him out of the political part of london. oh, now washer dave. a former prime minister was convicted of, caught up certain charges and considered and warned by buckets on the law to be calling all those short story. indeed, politically draw as much that it didn't happen that the government is trying to renew your wrong funds so that they can address them. if they do a stem, then there's going to be trouble. busy across the country because of that pop your
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latter day, enjoy their garage focused on. i did also one of the $37.00 by next year. and so indeed, the government did upgrade. that enron han border growing. and then now looking for an excuse to bring him down either by putting him in in life the government looking what an excuse did get out of the political equation . so come out while iran kon was making his way to his lama bags. there were reports coming through that police had entered his home in la hor. what more can you tell us about that? as soon as i am wrong, unless you're doing that, i'm on fog in law. the police moved in red border doors. heavy containers of the police that started matching all the barricade, even bringing down some of their trees. did the feeling that the guards did going
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to be denied and returned to the residence. also important to know that they brought the residence outside. my budget and bunny got been order and off so that the government nor knew the know modes to compromise hell bent on trying to create that situation. so indeed or so we are doors and many of the board for our residents will remain. i've also been taken into custody. okay. come all. thank you so much for that update. that's our come all hide reporting for us from islamic bad. we do apologize for the quality of the audio moving on to nigeria and voters there have returned to the polls to like new governors in 28 states. new state assembly will also be elected. the vote was delayed by a week. the electoral commission said it needed time to reconfigure electronic
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voting machines following a disputed presidential election in february. i the reese is joining us from tanya with an update. so from what you're seeing in cano, how much appetite is there for the selection? the what basically you can see it's a, it's can y'all, yeah, this is center that has falling units. thousands of people tried to cast the apollo everything was supposed to have run smoothly. but the officious, having a difficult time organizing voters into line, having to the guidelines and just to follow, to move away from here to do their work. now basically, there are more in this outside this department, this of this primary school which acts as a center for thousands and thousands of voters. so we expect this run on
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a very long time. we spoke to the commissioner in the day and he was telling us they'd gone, expect to it's 10 year old time, belonged to the local time to thought to be able to come time. but from what we're seeing now, probably we're going to see over the close of open on time, we're probably going to see this going beyond the 2 30 pm night unit time and lecture deadlines. now, let me just take you through the process. what you see on crowd of people, thousands of them gather. yeah. who will have to you up and then come to the officials who will then verify them and then give them a bottle of papers to go on something and put them into boxes. now to follow directions, one for governors and 2 members of state assembly. now, these elections are being held at least print. and i did not
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take you through these process. once you have people queued up. and this shows how going to verify each and every one of them. what do you think that's exactly what is happening? so what does that come to this official and he will verify them from duck the but she, which is the main point of contention. the present, you know, like a lot of issues are telling us that they have issues with a, b, b, s, the last time to go in the presidential election and the national assembly. and that's just why home. now what we see probably will be a smooth process that will probably just be a politician. i get the last election why held in a very, very fraudulent manner. so they have gone to court. and right now, this is what is exactly happening across such a state in other states and actions because of the judicial form in that
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cases. so there are very thank you so much. that is reporting for us from china and nigeria, the united kingdom's interior minister isn't rwanda to discuss a migration deal swell abraham. and we'll meet with the rwandan president. paul could gum a britain agree to send tens of thousands of migrants to wanda as part of a $146000000.00 deal last year. but no flights have taken off his opponents challenge the policy in the courts. the initiative is a major part of britons planned to detain and afford asylum seekers arriving in small boats across the channel. still ahead, announces the rom fall on wall street as concerns persist the boat thanks. first republic shares are down nearly 33 percent. despite getting a rescue package and a step ahead for finland, but will tell you why sweden sped to join nato, remain uncertain. ah,
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ah. well, the still a few weeks left of the rainy season, se asia, he said to get bursts of heavier outbreaks of rain. we saw one recently at in the philippines, but that's tend to focus there for the south and now in borneo and also southern to mark, you get some big damp often it's still raining over what i think is probably still the flooded part of peninsula malaysia. some of that right, of course, goes into tropical australia, but generally speaking is a much quieter looking picture here. rather hot recently as well as i'm sure you know sidney's 32 and cambers 37 makes it a near reco breaking day on its own. but there is a breeze coming from the south, so that will certainly cool down about how me get to monday, the hot the board, that she spent all the way back to western australia and have a look at perth at 33. and i post might go up to $37.00 the same time,
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the melbourne goes down to $23.00 and city 2 is a bit of heat as well with this, subtly encroachment. and that's all part of a system issue. although skim through tasmania will eventually focus on new zealand . as you, you seemed should have had a nice weekend. this is sunday's picture keeps sharon, maybe in the south cross church and still 22 mondays. not quite as good with the latest news as it breaks. so trump is still the favorite here, i'm on the grass. and in many of the polls, the republican presidential nominee with detail coverage, has swung the flood light back on the struggle based on daily basis by everyone here from around the world. fire that and go to the 1st to cause of this trade was so hot. it may have cremated the victims exactly where they were killed.
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o a. again, the whole story is on al jazeera this hour. the international criminal court in the hague has issued an arrest warrant for the russian president vladimir putin. b i. c . c said it's in connection with the forcible deportation of ukrainian children. the kremlin, called the move outrages the former pockets on the prime minister in one con, has just arrived at a court and islamic to face corruption charges. meanwhile, police have entered his residence in the city of war and beat up his supporters. about $5000.00 extra police have been called to his lama badge and parts of the
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capital had been filled off. voting is underway, nigeria, the governorship and state assembly races. the delayed vote sounds weak, softer, a disputed presidential election. the ruling party hopes to regain lost ground in key area. right. police have confronted angry protests for a 2nd day in paris. there were violent demonstrations on friday, outside parliament, against pension reform. on thursday, the government bypass parliament to push through a plan to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. natasha butler, as in paris with more well, a number of french ministers have been trying to defend the pension reform in the way it was for through by decreed by policy parliament. they said it was an action that was necessary because they say that this reform is essential if fraud is able to sustain its pension system in the future. nevertheless, that is burning,
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washing with many m p 's a lot of anger amongst some lawmakers. we know that lawmakers on the left and also the far right and also independence have leg emotion of confidence against the government that will be voted on monday. meanwhile, trade unions are calling for more protest nationwide day of action on thursday, and they are ongoing a demonstration in paris. some people have tried to block the main ring road, the garbage collectors, also oil refinery work is all continuing with that process. a lot of anger over this reform, a lot of anger is the way in which has been pushed through parliament and lots of frustration and anger, a presidency by micro seen as being out of touch with ordinary people. us markets finish the week being pushed down by banking stocks. shares and 1st republic bank closed nearly 33 percent lower on friday. that's despite a cash injection of $30000000000.00 or peon stocks also and did down the us
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presidential byte in once congress to impose tougher punishments on bank executives . following the collapse of silicon valley bank and the parent company of silicon valley bank has now filed for bankruptcy protection. much of it is already under the control of regulators. this comes a week after a surge of woods rolls trigger the worst bank collapse since the 2008 financial crisis. gabriel elizondo has more from the new york stock exchange. it was another tough day on wall street. as all of the major indices were in the red and down throughout the entire day, any of the gains that were made on thursday were wiped out on friday. but the market is also giving very mixed signals as we enter this next phase of the u. s. banking crisis, in some ways we're seeing the markets very much down. but for the week the market has been quite resilient. for example, the s and p down 1.2 percent on friday,
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but for the week up over one percent. the nasdaq down a little under one percent on friday, but for the week up 4 percent. and we saw the same with the dow jones industrial average down 1.4 percent on friday, up a little over 0.4 percent for the week. so we're really getting a lot of these mixed signals and are getting a sense of you really don't know how the market should be reacting to this banking crisis. it's clear that this is top of mind here on wall street now, but it's really a sense of will this crisis be contained to the regional banks as what we've seen for the last week or so? or will it spread beyond that to larger banks, which could cause a much bigger banking crisis and what we're seeing now, and of course, spread even further internationally. according to one trader, it's almost like the market doesn't know how to react right now. they're kind of
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like a deer stuck in the headlights, as the old saying goes just sort of frozen. and that's what we saw while with the markets on friday. there wasn't a lot of selling, wasn't a lot of buying. it was just sort of frozen in time, so to speak. now 1st republic bank, one of the banks sits at the center of all this down 32 percent. it's lost about 70 percent of its value for the week. and that's after $30000000000.00 aid package was promised to the bank trying to stabilize the markets. now, what are we looking to in the future? the next big thing will be next week, next, tuesday and wednesday, when the federal reserve makes a decision on if they are going to hike interest rate again or not. traders will be watching that very closely because whatever that decision is, could then have a knock off effect for wider implications throughout the market. and through the goal, we commie, the turkish president reads or play
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a bird one says he will now support finland's bed to join nato. the announcement came after his meeting with the finished president. selina nice drew in ankara, or tuan said the turkish parliament, we'll begin ratifying helsinki bits for school started are, has more from ankara. it was he still it, they both 14 land and natal, the long of a, the decision to ever feel have been to nato is find the me here in ankara. is this darling goodish millenniums. is it we have seen that finland has taken sincere and concrete steps to bethel its commitments in the trilateral memorandum of understanding based on the sensitivity for our country security and the progress that has been made in the protocol for finland, accession to nato. we have decided to initiate the ratification process in our parliament. so seen on car, i've seen that last week that had been passive towards between finland and turkey. and there'll be some of the 3rd party companies also got involved in the
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negotiations and based on their prisoners, one on his team, accepted or agreed to approve the man's accession to nato. indeed, the officials here are seen that jerky says the beginning on has repeatedly said that turkey doesn't have any problem with fin as accession to nato, but the main security problems agreements were, were severed. and so today, there were no swedish or officials in ankara. however, present added one has been repeatedly asked about sweden's accession, even president or finland at sole in, in easter also has asked present added on to fast and sweden's accession to natal. i have a feeling that phineas nato membership is not complete without sweden. we have so much common interest having it being too really neighbor santa having the both dixie area. oh, sure. however,
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kristen ad one has been exclusively clear in his answers. he says that they have citizens agreements regarding security concerns with 3 of them. he said that on credit has put away a list of 101 or people to survey them, which on kind of believes that all of these people are members off y, p g, and p i k, which are regarded as total groups by anchored an ad well said that peel severe, then handover is $124.00 people to uncover. turkey is not going to approve to be. there's accession to nato. and the sources here are telling us that it's very much unlikely that turkey will approve of it as b to nato any time before the elections that are going to be held in turkey on may 14. the more artificial intelligence tools are being integrated into our everyday life. this week, the 4th ferguson of chat g p t was released and microsoft said it will integrate,
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i tools and to what's widely used office software. colin baker has more on how it will work for about non g p. t for is out for months after its predecessors shook the internet. the algorithm which stands for generative pre trained transformer is artificial intelligence presented as a chat box. in a way, it's a large language model, fed enormous volumes of data from the internet, gp t's learn to generate answers by predicting how words should be arranged. but humans also take part. this is where the model learns what sounds normal and what sounds odd, misleading, or dangerous. the company creates so called guard rails to prevent these. so what's new this time? g p t for understands images. users taken photographs of their refrigerators and asked the i to help them prepare dinner. it can write code and entrepreneur describe the cell phone game snake and the a, i helped him code it from scratch in minutes, users or deploying it as
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a personal assistant. it thinks of things that i don't think of, and that's the part that kind of close my mind the most. i feel like it's been making a lot of the things that i've been putting together so much more insightful. i mean, i start up called be my eyes integrated into software that describes the world to visually impaired users. if you're a blind use, you, when you open the app up until today, you know, we only have the option of calling a volunteer and doing a video called. what you could do now is you, you will use the same app. instead of calling them on tier, you click a button to then go into the owner of each of the virtual launch. here you have a bad pastor in your kitchen and you want to know which kind is it and what's the cooking time, mike? so you take a photo and it will come back and say i need to cook at 9 to 11 minutes. whatever it says.


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